My Journey as an Indie Writer


My journey as an Indie Writer* I have now independently published three e-books on Amazon Kindle and that makes me an “Indie” – an independent publisher!

The journey has been a long one. I first wanted to write a book when I was 12 but just didn’t have enough life experience for the task. Forty years later, in a period of unemployment, I started writing seriously and in the 90’s, I self published hard copies of five books. The hardest part was marketing them so when a full time teaching job came up, I put writing on the back burner for another ten years.

Last year, I took a course in self publishing onlilne (thank you Chandler Bolt and the self-publishing school!) and my Indie career took off when I published Walpajirri: The Legend of an Easter Bilby, followed by Platypus Dreaming and Framed! (thank you Amazon Kindle!)
I am still learning while I work on my next series of novels about an African Sorcoress and Freedom Fighter against the slave trade in the 1600s but I know this: I am an Indie now and proud of it! #powerredbyindie