Of Small Miracles and Unexplained Phenomena

I have experienced two miracles, admittedly small ones, in my life.

The first was when I was studying Buddhism and i had my teacher’s picture on my table (this was after he died). My neighbor was dying of cancer and i wanted to help him. I went and talked to him but he was not open to the idea of life after death. When I came back there was a perfect tear in the corner of my teacher’s eye… i put my finger on it… it was wet, I tasted it, it was salty. There was nowhere else for the water to come from… so for me that was a small miracle that showed his compassion from beyond the grave.

The second happened in Rome. I’m not a catholic but a friend of mine is a follower of a Saint named Padre Pio. The first day in Rome, I was on the upper deck of a tourist bus and we pulled up behind another bus and there was Padre Pio glaring at me from a poster on the back. There was a celebration of his life at a church dedicated to him that day. I thought “oh I am too busy and I don’t know where it is.”

On the last day of my visit to Rome I decided to go ‘walkabout’ and was wondering around thoroughly lost when i looked up and there was Padre Pio glaring at me on a sign that said his church was a block away. I went there, feeling very strongly that I  had been led there, said some prayers for my friend, enjoyed the solitude and then realized i didn’t have much time to get back to my hotel and catch the train to make my plane connection.

I managed to get a bus ticket and got out to the bus station and bus after bus went by but not the right one and i was starting to get really nervous and anxious… when a voice said very loudly in my head “I will not abandon you now!” It wasn’t anything i would have said to myself… but I decided to go with the flow and believe it was true, and made my connections… and for the rest of that trip, I had that to strengthen me wherever I went. It’s a pretty small miracle but I don’t know any other explanation for it. I’m still not a Catholic though.

The third incident was the sighting of a true UFO. I am not going to say it was aliens but it was definitely an unidentified object that was flying in the sky above Nymboida one fine sunny day.

My mother first alerted me to it. “Come up here quickly and bring your binoculars,” she said. “There is something strange in the sky.”

When I got there, she pointed to an object that looked like it was only a few hundred meters above us, though distance is hard to judge. It was oval shaped and shining brightly. I used the binoculars on it but it was so bright that no details were discernable.

Its movements were strange and not those of a plane. It hovered for minutes at a time then zipped to another location and hovered again. Finally after about 15 minutes it shot off and disappeared. There was no sound. It was not a helicopter.

Mom and I joked about having seen a UFO and I went home. But the next day, the cover of Sydney paper blasted out the most unexpected headlines: “WRAN IN UFO SIGHTING!”  Wran was the Premier of New South Wales and he had been flying home from a conference in Brisbane when he spotted a strange bright oval-shaped object in the sky. He had his minions radio the military and made every effort to get it identified. No one knew what it was.

Our property is on the general flight path between Brisbane and Sydney. The time fit with our sighting. Wran had attempted to fly behind the object so he could see it without the reflection of the sun’s light on the metal but it was bright from all angles, unlike a normal metal plane. It was unidentifiable.

So I have seen a genuine UFO. To this day I don’t know if it was aliens or some strange device that the American military had and wasn’t telling the Australian government about. Who knows? I sure don’t.

That’s why it’s unidentifiable…